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Suboxone Treatment

Proudly serving the Omaha, Nebraska community, our suboxone clinic provide adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

Our Suboxone treatment program in Omaha, NE helps adults overcome addictions to and dependence on heroin, Oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates. If you are dealing with opiate addiction or dependence in Omaha, our Suboxone treatment could be the key to turning your life around.

How Suboxone Treatment Works

Addressing addiction or dependence on any substance requires hard work on the part of the individual, a dedication to changing their lifestyle, and support in the form of friends, family, and/or therapy. However, opiate dependence is powerful, and most people need a little extra help in the form of pharmaceuticals.

This is where Suboxone steps in. Made of buprenorphine and naloxone, Suboxone both blocks the opioid receptors, preventing patients from experiencing a high from abusing opiates, and reverses the negative effects they have on the body, such as those related to overdose. This allows patients to safely detox from opiates and even manage their addiction long term.

The Effectiveness Omaha Suboxone Treatment

Research and real-world use of Suboxone medication-assisted treatment have shown that it is one of the safest and most effective methods of managing opioid addiction and dependence. Due to the way it occupies opioid receptors without creating a high, it calms the cravings in the body and prevents users from getting the “boost” they seek when they abuse drugs anyhow. This eliminates the reward

To be effective, you need a comprehensive Suboxone treatment plan in Omaha. This means taking the physical relief the drug provides and focusing on the root causes of addiction and behavior management. However, if someone is committed to doing the hard work, Suboxone will increase their chances of success.

The Benefits of Our Suboxone Treatment

Overcoming any addiction is difficult and requires a multi-targeted approach. Our methodology helps to free patients from the cycle of addiction, allowing them to avoid the most painful and challenging physical symptoms so they can work on the mental and environmental ones.

Our team will craft a comprehensive treatment plan and help you connect with the support you need to work through your addiction. We partner with local therapists and recovery groups that can offer you the additional assistance you need to live a clean and healthy life.

Additionally, many opiate addictions spring from prescribed use of pain medications. At MidWest Pain Clinics, we have the expertise to treat your underlying pain that might be fueling your unhealthy behaviors. Our Suboxone treatment center in Omaha is ready to diagnose and manage the physical factors behind your struggles.

The dedicated and compassionate team at MidWest Pain Clinic is here to provide individuals struggling with opioid addiction with the most effective care possible. Please contact us today to learn more about Suboxone treatment in Omaha.

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FAQs About Suboxone Treatment in Omaha

Suboxone treatment occupies the opioid receptors without creating a high while also guarding against negative effects from opiates, including overdose. Suboxone is effective because it eliminates the risks and rewards of ongoing drug use while also preventing the typical withdrawal symptoms that lead to relapse.
This depends on the needs of the patient. At our Omaha Suboxone clinic, we try to get patients weaned off Suboxone as soon as it is safe to do so. For some patients, this is after a few weeks, while some might continue with their therapy for significantly longer.
It can. This is because Suboxone prevents the brain and body from experiencing the opioid high for so long as it is taken, and it stops the body from experiencing overdose symptoms should the user try to abuse drugs while on the medication. So, if someone then stops Suboxone and goes back to their drugs of choice, they may feel effects more easily, including those that contribute to an overdose.
People often claim that Suboxone counseling is just trading one addiction for another. However, this isn’t really accurate. With drug abuse, you use the substance because you are seeking the euphoric feelings it can create. With Suboxone, these feelings are actually blocked in the brain, meaning that there is no reward, just help in getting clean.

If you are unable to call us, please use the below form to submit a confidential message to our Admissions staff. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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