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Ketamine Treatment For Chronic Pain Omaha, NE

If you have chronic pain that prevents you from living to your fullest potential, ketamine infusion therapy in Omaha, NE might be your solution. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic widely used during surgery to induce and maintain anesthesia. This chemical has recently gained popularity due to its potential to treat severe depression with just one therapy. However, one new use for ketamine has recently emerged: ketamine for pain treatment.

Ketamine is a medication that affects several systems in the body and brain. At low doses, ketamine works as a mild pain relief drug. At high doses, ketamine is a potent anesthetic used by both veterinarians and doctors. Several studies conducted over the last decade on ketamine infusion therapy for chronic pain have revealed it to be beneficial for specific individuals. Do you think ketamine is appropriate for you? Call Midwest Pain Clinics in Omaha now to get a consultation!

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Benefits of Ketamine For Pain Management

Ketamine is a well-studied compound that has long been used in medicine as an anesthetic. During the Vietnam war, ketamine was used to perform emergency surgery on injured soldiers. Since then, ketamine has gained popularity in recent years as a therapy for severe chronic pain, particularly when opioids don’t work. The primary advantage of ketamine for chronic pain is that it can offer relief when other pain medicines are ineffective.

Another advantage of ketamine infusion treatment in Omaha, NE is that it can treat patients with different types of pain. Even the most potent opioids are infamous for having no effect on this sort of pain. Neuropathic pain can be crippling and difficult to manage. Other forms of pain, such as phantom pain and pain brought on by fibromyalgia, can be effectively treated with ketamine. At different dosages, ketamine is also used to treat anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.

Consider Midwest Pain Clinics For Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Midwest Pain Clinics in Omaha provides a wide range of therapies and methods for managing pain that address the root causes of chronic pain. Our team is devoted to restoring the lives of people who have been impeded by chronic pain.

Anyone seeking treatment for chronic pain is aware of how challenging the process can be. The goal of our Midwest Pain Clinics is to make the procedure as simple as possible for you. Here, we don’t challenge the legitimacy of what you’re going through; instead, we sympathize with your difficulties and work assiduously to identify the finest answers for you. Want to know if ketamine infusion therapy is right for you? Schedule a consultation with Midwest Pain Clinics in Omaha today!

FAQs About Ketamine Infusion For Pain in Omaha, NE

Ketamine is a medication used as an effective treatment for chronic pain. It not only reduces pain but also helps with depression, anxiety, and improves the quality of life. It works by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, allowing for greater control over pain levels and improved mood. To learn more about ketamine treatment for pain in Omaha, NE, contact us at (402) 391-7246.

Yes, Ketamine has been researched and used for over 50 years. It is administered in a controlled medical environment with careful monitoring of the patient’s vital signs and health. Ketamine has an excellent safety record when administered by a knowledgeable, experienced healthcare provider.
During your first infusion, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation from a medical professional to determine the best treatment approach for your specific needs. Our team of providers will then administer the ketamine infusion, monitor your vitals, and provide any necessary aftercare instructions. For more specific information, please feel free to reach out to us for Ketamine infusion for pain in Omaha, NE.
Ketamine has been proven to be effective in reducing chronic pain and improving quality of life. If you are considering Ketamine treatment in Omaha, NE, it’s best to request an evaluation to see if it is right for you. Contact us at (402) 391-7246 or schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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