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Neck Pain Solutions in Omaha

Neck pain can take on many different forms, from sudden sharp pain to dull aches that limit your range of motion. No matter how it presents, neck pain relief in Omaha is essential. If you’ve been ignoring your aches and pains, assuming they’ll go away in time, now is the moment to seek help from a neck specialist in Omaha.

Our neck doctors are specialists trained in the nuances of the Musculoskeletal components of the neck, as well as all conditions that can present with chronic neck pain. They are highly skilled at addressing neck pain in our Omaha patients through surgical and nonsurgical methods. Once you are seen and assessed, a customized therapy plan will be designed and implemented.

At MidWest Pain Clinics, we understand the devastating impact ongoing pain has on your quality of life. Stop suffering in silence and get the support you need to reclaim your life.

Common Causes of Chronic Neck Pain in Omaha

There are so many things that can lead to neck pain, from a sudden and severe injury to just sleeping wrong. However, many causes of neck pain are acute, not chronic.

Chronic neck pain is generally considered to be discomfort that lasts more than three months. Because the neck is such a complex structure, there can be many sources of pain: the nerves, discs, vertebrae, facet joints, connective tissues, and muscles. For most people suffering with ongoing neck pain, the root cause involves multiple parts of the neck.

But how does this chronic pain develop? Below are some of the more common causes of ongoing neck pain.

Keep in mind that sometimes, neck pain is caused by a condition elsewhere in the body. Likewise, you might feel pain in other body parts that actually originates from the neck. This is why it is so important to work with pain management specialists to receive an accurate diagnosis.

Why Work With Midwest Pain Clinics for Neck Pain?

We know there is no shortage of chiropractors for neck injuries in Omaha. So why work with us?

Because we are the pain specialists. We’re dedicated to pain management and are backed by the specialized training needed to truly address your symptoms. We move beyond mere chiropractic adjustments, offering comprehensive, holistic treatment for chronic issues like neck pain, back pain & joint pain. Our focus is on you as the patient, and as we design our treatment plans, we take every possible step to ensure you get the results you need.

FAQs About Chronic Neck Pain Management in Omaha


What causes neck pain?

There are many causes of neck pain, from injuries to the muscles to wear on the joints over time. To know what is causing your neck pain, you’ll need to meet with your specialists. They can help you determine what is at the root of your pain and address it.

How can a chiropractor help with neck pain?

Seeing a neck pain chiropractor in Omaha won’t solve all types of neck pain. However, when poor alignment is causing the pain, or at least contributing to it, chiropractic adjustments can offer relief. In many cases, these adjustments are just part of a larger pain management plan.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care to treat neck pain?

The primary benefit is the fact that adjustments offer relief that doesn’t require medications. While you might also need medicines in order to fully manage your condition, you never want to rely on these in full. Chiropractic care ensures a holistic approach.

What can one do to prevent neck pain?

Avoid sports and situations where neck injuries are likely. Focus on using better posture, and if you work a desk job, get a more ergonomic chair. Avoid repetitive motions, and if you start to notice pain, get help early on.

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