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As one of essential drugs for any home, Stromectol is growing more and more popular in the Western world. After its development in 1975 and approval in 1981, the drug immediately entered the list of the most important medications. The list was created by WHO in 1980s. The main ingredient of this preparation is invermectin, a highly effective anti-parasitic compound used to treat a plethora of health conditions caused by various invasions including lice, scabies, lymphatic filariasis, and many others.

Today, Stromectol is a significant part of any medkit. While the original brand medication costs around 25 USD for one course of treatment, the price of generics drug like Stromectol is notably lower and makes this essential drug affordable for millions of families in North America. It is nearly impossible to ensure one’s medical safety without Stromectol or its analogs.

How Should I Take Stromectol?

The dosage of the drug is calculated based on your body weight and vary depending on the type of infection you need to treat. There are two distinct types of issues that are usually addressed by Stromectol.

  • Strongyloidiasis are usually treated with a moderate dosage. Note that we use standard release 3 mg pills administrated orally. A general rule of thumb is to take 1 pill per 15 kilograms of body mass. The maximal recommended dosage for individuals heavier than 80 kilograms is not more than 200 mcg per 1 kilogram. Normally, an adult need to take 4-5 pills per intake.
  • Onchocerciasis cases can be treated with the same dosage, but you should try to keep the intake under the limit of 150 mcg per kilogram of body weight.

Stromectol is distributed in tablets usually containing 3 mg of invermectrin. These tablets are to be administrated orally with or without water. Usually, the drug is taken once a day. The treatment course requires regular follow up doctor appointments. It is strongly recommended to go through all necessary laboratory tests to ensure that the infection is gone without a trace.

Drug Interactions and Side Effects

Despite being an essential drug, Stromectol has some limitations in usage that should be considered. Do not take this drug together with specific antiviral preparations and alcohol. If you need to use antiviral medications, be sure to consult with your doctor.

You should also be aware of a variety of side effects that may occur during your treatment course. Stromectol may cause various adverse symptoms. The vast majority of side effects are not dangerous though may be bothering. If they do bother you, make sure to visit your doctor. Adverse effects are generally separated into several categories:

Very common include fever, itching, rash, muscle pain, minor glands that cause discomfort, and increased heartbeat. In rare cases you may experience headache, swelling of various body parts, including face.

Common side effects include diarrhea, lightheadedness, and sleepiness. Some patients may experience shaking and trembling alongside a notable loss of appetite. In such cases visiting your doctor or lowering the dosage is strongly recommended.

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