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What Prednisone Is for

Prednisone is a drug that is used to prevent and decrease inflammation that can occur in many various diseases: blood and breathing disorders, allergies, arthritis, colitis, skin diseases (such as psoriasis), autoimmune diseases and other conditions. The medication belongs to a group of corticosteroids and weakens the immune system by decreasing the activity of lymphatic system.

Are There Contraindications?

As Prednisone affects the immune system, it can make body exposed to viruses, bacteria and fungi. For this reason it is very dangerous to use the drug when you have any infections, especially those caused by fungus, or to be near people infected with life-threatening diseases. Moreover, you have to inform your doctor about all the illnesses that you have or have had several weeks before even if it’s just a regular cold. Allergy to Prednisone is another strong contraindication.
Using Prednisone may also be dangerous if you have liver, kidney, stomach, eye, heart or cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea, diabetes, muscle disorders, thyroid disorder, a history of malaria, tuberculosis, osteoporosis or severe depression. Be sure to inform your therapist about them and tell him/her if you smoke. Besides, using Prednisone is not recommended during pregnancy, especially in the first three months, and during breast-feeding, so consult a specialist before taking it. Also, talk to your doctor if you want your child to use it, as it can slow the growth.

How Should I Use Prednisone?

Prednisone is a prescription-only drug that is available in liquid solutions or tablets that must be stored in a place away from heat and moisture. You have to swallow the tablet with at least one glass of water and take it with some food or milk. Dosage depends on different factors. It is not advised to deviate from doctor’s instructions: take different doses, use the drug longer than prescribed or stop taking the medication.
Don’t drink alcohol, get vaccinated or take any drugs without your doctor’s approval while using Prednisone. Always bring a document or any piece of paper that says that you are taking this drug. Furthermore, you have to make frequent blood tests to ensure your health is not seriously affected by the drug.

What Side Effects to Expect?

You can expect increased appetite and gain of weight, problems with your sleep, dry skin, dizziness and headache, easy-bruising and nausea. If you have been using Prednisone for a long time, it may weaken your bones and lead to osteoporosis. Don’t hesitate and call your healthcare provider at once if you notice blood in your stool, problems with eyes and vision, unusual mood changes, suicidal thoughts, extreme stomach pain or trouble breathing. Call the emergency as soon as you get allergic symptoms (swelling, trouble breathing and severe rash).
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