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Are you experiencing chronic pain in Missouri Valley, IA? If so, there is no need to suffer in silence. MidWest Pain Clinics offers industry-leading treatments and pain management solutions that can reduce or eliminate the underlying cause of your pain, helping you return to the quality of life you deserve. Our Missouri Valley pain management doctors don’t just write a prescription for narcotics and send you out the door; they search for the underlying condition and treat it.

The process of seeking chronic pain management is often a difficult one, but we aim to make it as easy for you as possible. At our Missouri Valley pain management clinic, our work is patient centric. When you turn to us for help, we do not blame you for your pain and we never treat your experience as if it isn’t valid. Our doctors listen to what you have to say, incorporating your ideas into your treatment plan and addressing the source of your pain.

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Our Missouri Valley Pain Management Specialists

David Johnson, PA-C

  • Professional School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Undergraduate: University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Dave has been practicing medicine at Midwest Pain Clinics for over 5 years.
  • Dave has been practicing medicine for over 26 years
  • Dave currently sees patients at our clinics located in Omaha and Columbus, NE.

FAQs About Pain Management in Missouri Valley


Which medications should be prescribed for severe pain?

We don’t feel there is a “should” here. The right medications for severe pain vary based on the individual and the condition they have. While narcotic pain relievers are commonly used, they aren’t right for everyone.

What should I not tell a pain doctor?

There is nothing that you shouldn’t tell us. If you feel that something is tied to the pain you are experiencing, please feel free to bring it up during your appointment.

What is poor pain management is associated with?

Poor pain management is associated with a wide variety of negative outcomes. These include reduced life expectancy, lower quality of life, limited socialization, inability to work, and financial hardship, amongst others. This is why you should seek high-quality pain management for your conditions.

What is the first-line treatment for chronic pain?

This depends on your needs. In many cases, we start with a medication to help reduce the pain you are feeling while also enrolling you in a physical therapy course. However, some patients go straight to surgery, while others don’t need medications, just other interventions.

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