How to Sit Comfortably When You Have SI Joint Pain: 3 Safe and Effective Methods

Joint pains are common among Americans, with most people experiencing them at some point. The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body, and when it becomes compressed or irritated, it can cause pain to radiate from your lower back down your leg. It is called sciatica and can make sitting down a real challenge.

There are many tips to reduce joint pain and improve the quality of life.

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SI or Sacroiliac joint pain is a type of joint pain that affects the lower back and buttocks. Read on for what causes SI and safe methods to sit to reduce pain.

What Is SI and How Is It Caused?

The spine meets the pelvis in the SI or sacroiliac joint. There are two bones in the pelvis:

  1. Sacrum
  2. Illium

The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone at the base of your spine, and the iliac bones are the large pelvic bones that make up your hip bones. The SI joints are what connect these two bones.

The ligaments that support the SI joints become stretched or torn, which can cause SI joint pain.

3 Effective Methods for Sitting with SI Joint Pain

If you’re dealing with SI joint pain, you know that it can make even simple activities like sitting down difficult and uncomfortable. But some ways to sit can help reduce your pain and keep your joints healthy. Here are three effective methods for sitting with SI joint pain:

1) Use a Chair With Good Back Support

When sitting in a chair, ensure your lower back is well-supported. This will help reduce stress on your SI joints and prevent pain. Use a lumbar pillow or rolled-up towel to prop up your lower back if necessary.

If you don’t have a chair with good back support, you can sit on the edge of a firm mattress or cushioned surface. This way, your SI joints will be supported, and you won’t have to worry about pain when sitting down.

2) Tailor’s Position

This position is suitable for both pain relief and prevention. Sit on the edge of a firm chair’s surface with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place a small pillow or rolled towel behind your lower back for support, and rest your hands in your lap or at your sides. Make sure to keep your back straight and avoid slouching. You can stay in the position for as long as possible but aim for at least 15 minutes.

If the Tailor’s Position isn’t providing enough relief, you can try placing a heating pad on your lower back for added warmth and pain relief. Just be sure not to fall asleep while the heating pad is on, as this could cause burns.

3) Try Simple Sitting Exercises

One simple exercise is to sit on a chair and scoot forward until your back is straight. Then, tilt your pelvis forward and hold for a few seconds. You can also try sitting on an exercise ball. This will help to strengthen your core muscles and take the pressure off your SI joints.

Another exercise is to sit on a chair and put a towel roll under your knees. This will help keep your legs aligned and take the pressure off your SI joints.

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