6 Techniques to Prevent Migraine Headaches Before They Start

Migraine sufferers know that the pain and discomfort associated with having one of these debilitating headaches are not something to take lightly. The good news? There are ways to reduce or even prevent migraines from happening in the first place! In this blog post, we will discuss six techniques that have been proven effective at preventing migraines.

1. Track Environmental Triggers, Then Avoid Them!

This is one of the best methods for how to stop migraines. While keeping a journal to track your triggers may seem like an extra step that is not worth the effort, it is actually very important. This will give you specific insight into what exactly makes your migraines happen. You may find that you are sensitive to certain foods, changes in weather, or even your menstrual cycle. Once you discover these triggers, it is time to avoid them—and their associated migraines—at all costs!

2. Avoid Food Triggers

The problem with food triggers? Sometimes they can be almost impossible to identify because there are so many possibilities! Common culprits include chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, and alcohol. Some studies have shown that food additives like MSG can also be an issue for some people.

It is important to remember that avoiding your trigger does not mean you cannot eat certain foods ever again! Instead of eliminating these triggers completely from your diet, keep them in moderation so they are less likely to affect you negatively.

3. Decrease Stress

It may seem difficult to accomplish but reducing stress can actually be extremely beneficial for your migraine health. This is because it will help you stay better focused and calmer during the day, which reduces the odds of having a headache or an episode. If possible, try taking time off work every once in a while so that you can relax and unwind. Not only is it a way to prevent migraines, but it is good for your health as a whole.

4. Manage Your Sleep Cycle!

Many migraine sufferers are familiar with the fact that lack of sleep can trigger an episode. This is because when you do not get enough shut eye, your body becomes fatigued which leads to increased tension in muscle groups throughout the entire body including those around the head. It also causes your stress levels to rise which is another common trigger.

5. Stay Hydrated!

While dehydration does not typically cause migraines, it can make you more likely to get one if you already have a headache brewing. If possible, try drinking eight glasses of water every day and keep the recommended amount of sodium in your system as well (about 2300 milligrams per day). You can also use this as a way to prevent a migraine when you feel one coming on; grab a bottle of water and drink up.

6. Take Care of Your Head!

There are several techniques you can try to prevent migraines that have nothing to do with actually avoiding triggers. For example, many people find relief from the pain of migraine headaches by gently massaging their scalp or temples. This is also a great way for those who suffer from tension headaches to cut back on their discomfort!

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