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If you are battling chronic pain in Columbus, NE, you need industry-leading treatments and pain management solutions. Luckily, MidWest Pain Clinics offers both! Our Columbus pain management doctors don’t settle for merely masking your pain. Instead, they get to the source of it and work to resolve it long term. When you work with us, you say goodbye to a life limited by chronic pain and say hello to a well-rounded, robust existence.

We know that the journey towards chronic pain management is often a difficult one. At our pain clinic in Columbus, we take a patient-centered approach, making our treatment approachable and streamlined for your convenience. We do not blame you for your pain, make you feel as though your experience is invalid, or send you out the door with nothing more than a prescription for narcotics; we listen to your experience, ideas, and concerns and search for the actual source of your pain.

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Our Columbus, NE Pain Management Specialists

David Johnson, PA-C

David Johnson, PA-C

  • Professional School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Undergraduate: University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Dave has been practicing medicine at Midwest Pain Clinics for over 5 years.
  • Dave has been practicing medicine for over 26 years
  • Dave currently sees patients at our clinics located in Omaha and Columbus, NE.

Stephanie Simon, N.P.

Stephanie Simon, N.P.

  • Nursing School-Creighton University
  • Nurse Practitioner school-Clarkson college
  • Board certified family nurse practitioner

FAQs About Pain Management in Columbus, NE


Does chronic pain shorten life expectancy?

Yes, studies have shown that chronic pain lasting more than 12 weeks can shorten your life expectancy. Even when the underlying condition does not, the stress pain places on the body can. As a result, any chronic pain should be treated as soon as possible.

What is the strongest pain medication?

Morphine is considered to be the strongest pain medication. However, this is rarely available for at-home use outside of at-home hospice care settings. Morphine-like drugs and morphine derivatives are the next strongest pain killers and can be used at home.

What happens if chronic pain is left untreated?

In most cases, it gets worse. Additionally, the stress of living with chronic pain takes a toll on the individual, leading to mental and behavioral health problems. We often find that people who have untreated chronic pain become severely isolated and lonely.

Does Medicare cover pain management?

Yes, it does, though it has its limitations. What these limitations are depends on your plan. We are happy to help you navigate using Medicare to pay for your chronic pain management services.  

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